July 20, 2024

Former Chiefs defender continues to make a difference in communities

The Derrick Spencer Soccer Festival is an initiative founded by former Kaizer Chiefs defender Derrick Spencer through his Foundation in 2009 to give back to his community.

The 2023 MTN8 Last Legend Standing, Spencer and, MTN, hosted the annual Derrick Spencer Soccer Festival over the weekend of 14-15 June in Eshowe in Northern KwaZulu Natal.

The festival spans an entire weekend and features a thrilling lineup of football and netball school cup tournaments with 16 participating schools and the much-loved Legends tournament.

The school cup tournament provides a platform for local youths to showcase their talent and skills, allowing them to be scouted.

Now in its fourth year, the MTN8 Last Legend Standing competition continues to drive the good work being done as part of the MTN8 charitable initiatives.

At the start of the MTN8 tournament, the eight Legends were pitted against each other and selected a team from the eight participating teams at random.

Each Legend was then allocated R40 000 in their kitty, true to the spirit of Wafa Wafa, as the team the Legend selected was knocked out of the tournament, they forfeited the R20 000 which was then put towards the grand prize of R180 000.

By selecting the 2023 champions, Orlando Pirates, Derrick Spencer won the competition, claiming the coveted R180 000 grand prize, which he used to further support the execution of his annual football festival.

“The MTN8 Last Legend Standing initiative provides an invaluable opportunity for Legends to give back and make a meaningful impact on communities or organisations close to their hearts,” said Kholofelo Magagane, Acting GM of Brand and Marketing at MTN SA.

“Collaborating with legendary players who have left an indelible mark on the tournament enables fans and young aspiring footballers to engage with them on a personal level, true to Derrick’s community-focused efforts,”

The MTN8 Legends have demonstrated remarkable dedication to their communities through the MTN8 Last Legend Standing competition, with the other seven Legends contributing to causes within their former schools and other community charitable organisations.


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