April 21, 2024

Under Armour launches Infinite Elite

Under Armour unveiled Infinite Elite, the pinnacle of the Infinite Franchise, at a media event held in Green Point, Cape Town.

The UA Infinite Franchise is dedicated to providing essential footwear models that cater to the demands of both long run days and everyday kilometers.

This release signifies a significant leap forward for runners, introducing a footwear option that combines endurance and performance seamlessly.

The Infinite Elite takes center stage in the Under Armour Run Infinite Franchise, presenting runners with the opportunity to embrace the “Run Forever Feel” – a manifestation of endurance and boundless potential whether you’re hitting the track or conquering the open road.

The launch event, hosted on Thursday, March 14th at Fort Wynyard, an historic venue, in Green Point, showcased the features of the Infinite Elite.

Attendees gained valuable insights from Kyle Evans, Founder of the Mindset Movement, a running community designed to transform lives through endurance, furthermore guests experienced the game-changing capabilities of the Infinite Elite during a short 1.5km test run, exploring the innovative design at their own pace.

Kyle Evans, Founder of the Elite Endurance Crew, shared his enthusiasm for Infinite Elite, stating, “The Under Armour Infinite Elite is a game-changer for runners seeking the perfect blend of comfort and performance. It’s an invitation to experience running like never before, to push boundaries and achieve new heights.”

Wayne & Grace, iconic figures in the Cape Town running community, expressed their excitement, saying, “Being part of this moment with Under Armour is truly special. Infinite Elite is not just a shoe; it’s a commitment to every runner’s journey, providing the support needed for those extra kilometers.”

Dylan Petersen, Senior Merchandise Buyer for Under Armour SA, highlighted the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge products, stating, “Infinite Elite is a testament to Under Armour’s dedication to innovation. We believe in empowering athletes of all levels, and this latest addition to our running collection reflects our commitment to providing unparalleled performance and comfort.”

UA HOVR™ cushioning has gained recognition for its exceptional energy return, providing a resilient and springy sensation for enduring long-distance runs. By innovatively combining minuscule foam beads, Under Armour has pioneered an enhanced spring mechanism. Debuting in the upcoming

Infinite Elite, UA HOVR+™ promises a lighter, softer, and more responsive underfoot experience—a transformative catalyst elevating the long-run journey for athletes.




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