April 21, 2024

Velokhaya Life Cycling Academy showcase at the Cape Town Cycle Tour

CAPE TOWN – Fuelled by a cause, ten young cyclists from the Velokhaya Life Cycling Academy, a non-profit based in Khayelitsha, took on the challenge of the Cape Town Cycle Tour on Sunday with an aim to combat blood cancer. 

Partnering with DKMS Africa, the cyclists embarked on a mission to raise awareness about blood cancer and blood disorders.

Their goal was to support the organisation’s ongoing fundraising efforts, specifically for patients requiring stem cell transplants. 

Driven by a deep sense of purpose, these young athletes expressed a strong desire to aid those living with blood cancer.

Setting off at 9:00 am, the team made their way to Edinburgh Drive within 38 minutes, setting the pace for the day ahead.

Riding through the various cut off points in Fish Hoek, Simons Town and Scarborough they passed through the 77km mark in Noordhoek by 13:18 before approaching Hout Bay at 13:52, with an average pace of 18.4km/hr.

Showcasing their camaraderie, they completed the race at 14:58 clocking a total 05:57:55 hours on the road, a feat they are collectively proud of.

Throughout the challenging race, they stuck together, drawing strength from the tireless hours of training and the cause they cycled for. 

Arno Fouche, another participant, took his dedication a step further, Inspired by his personal connection to those battling blood cancer, Fouche ran an additional 9 kilometres after the race to further raise awareness and funds. Through his GivenGain campaign, he successfully collected R4500 for blood cancer patients.

“To be healthy is a gift, use your gift to change someone’s life.” 

“For example, in-hospital chemotherapy or stem cell transplants, some patients have lower survival rates than those with reliable access to specialised care and treatment, which is why we are encouraging more people to come forward to give cancer patients a chance of survival,” said Palesa Mokomele, Head of Community Engagement and Communications at DKMS Africa. 

“This collaboration aimed to increase public awareness about the effects of blood cancer and blood disorders and the financial burden it places on patients in need of stem cell transplants.

“As both organisations are in the non-profit space, we believe in working together to impact society in a positive way.”

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