April 21, 2024

Impressive Prize Incentives for SA Athletes at the Absa RUN YOUR CITY Series

By Jacky McClean


Following the recent announcement of the Absa RUN YOUR CITY Series’ unprecedented, combined Prize Purse of R 1,560,000.00 in 2024, Stillwater Sports, the organisers of South Africa’s acclaimed road running series, have also unveiled an impressive “SA Athlete Prize Incentive Schedule” for the 2024 edition of the series.

The “SA Athlete Prize Incentive Schedule” is applicable to all five iconic races in the series in 2024 and will offer bonuses for exceptional performances.

In the men’s category, bonuses start for times faster than 28 minutes, with a substantial R 200,000.00 bonus awaiting anyone who breaks the 27-minute barrier. For women, bonuses will start for times faster than 32:08 minutes, with a remarkable R200,000.00 incentive being awarded if the 30:23 barrier is broken.

“The standard of South African running rises each year at the Absa RUN YOUR CITY Series,” says Michael Meyer, Managing Director of Stillwater Sports and Series Founder.

“Our goal is to continue this trend by rewarding outstanding performances at each of the five Absa RUN YOUR CITY Races in 2024, ultimately elevating the competitiveness of South African middle-distance running. We believe that these incentives will inspire even faster times on South African soil, with the potential for a sub-27-minute 10km in the men’s race and even a sub-32:08-minute 10km in the women’s race.”

“To further elevate the excitement, an additional R50k is on the table for any South African athlete who breaks the current SA 10km record,” adds Meyer.

“Our objective is to enable South Africa’s elite athletes to make a living without needing to go abroad. We are confident that this incentive will attract considerable attention from South Africa’s top athletes, and we are excited to see them showcase their talent at all five of the Absa RUN YOUR CITY Series events in 2024.”

“The SA athlete prize incentives definitely motivate local athletes to push harder and improve performances,” confirms Elroy Gelant.

“It also acts as a reward for our hard work and dedication. Lastly it attracts experienced athletes/runners to the Absa RUN YOUR CITY Series races, resulting in more exciting and competitive 10km races.

“I find that the bonus incentives serve as a great motivation for me to push myself and achieve my best possible time during the Absa RUN YOUR CITY Series races.

“I believe that these incentives can help all athletes perform better and reach their full potential, ultimately leading to improved overall performances in the race. Running fast times can lead to additional financial rewards, such as cash bonuses that can be used to cover training expenses.”

Gelant adds: “Breaking the South African 10km record would be a significant personal achievement for me. It would represent a validation of all the hard work and training that I, along with my coach, family, training mates, friends, and Boxer Athletics Club have dedicated over the years.

“Achieving this milestone would be a major boost to my career and could propel me towards even greater success, especially with the 2024 Olympics coming up.”

“The SA athlete incentives serve as a powerful motivator for us athletes, encouraging us to push our limits and compete at an international level,” explains Tayla Kavanagh.

Tayla Kavanagh at the 2023 Absa RUN YOUR CITY Series by Anthony Grote

“They inspire me to aim for faster times and provide a rewarding recognition for achieving my goals. Breaking the current SA Record would be a dream come true for me, as it has remained unbroken for many years. Being the one to finally break this longstanding record would be an incredible achievement.”

Kabelo Mulaudzi shares Elroy and Tayla’s sentiments that the SA Athlete Prize Incentive Schedule is a great motivator to run faster.

“It’s great that the Incentive Schedule is open to All SA Athletes, so the faster you run the more rewards you receive,” says Mulaudzi.

“Qualifying for the incentives would mean a lot to me because a financial boost always brings a lot of changes and stability. The funds would help me prepare for races and support my family. All athletes prepare to win and achieve greater heights. Achieving the SA Record would be a bonus for me.”

Kabelo Mulaudzi at the 2023 Absa RUN YOUR CITY Series by Gavin Ryan

2024 Absa RUN YOUR CITY Series / SA Athlete Prize Incentive Schedule (SA ATHLETES ONLY)

Every athlete breaking the below times in 2024 stands to win the corresponding bonus.

sub 28:00 R60 000,00
sub 27:40 R80 000,00
sub 27:20 R100 000,00
sub 27:10 R120 000,00
sub 27:00 R200 000,00

sub 32:08 R60 000,00
sub 31:33 R80 000,00
sub 30:59 R100 000,00
sub 30:41 R120 000,00
sub 30:23 R200 000,002024 Absa RUN YOUR CITY Series / Added Bonus (SA ATHLETES ONLY)

10km Record Goal Reward
Men’s Current SA Record
Precious Mashele
Gqeberha, 2023 sub 27:35
R50 000,00
Women’s Current SA Record
of 31:13
Elana Meyer
Budapest, Hungary in 2001 sub 31:13 R50 000,00


Sunday 07 April 2024 Absa RUN YOUR CITY GQEBERHA 10K
Sunday 12 May 2024 Absa RUN YOUR CITY CAPE TOWN 10K
Sunday 07 July 2024 Absa RUN YOUR CITY DURBAN 10K
Sunday 25 August 2024 Absa RUN YOUR CITY TSHWANE 10K
Tuesday 24 September 2024 Absa RUN YOUR CITY JOBURG 10K

PRIZE PURSE: The Absa RUN YOUR CITY Series will boast an impressive, combined Prize Purse of R 1,560,000.00 in 2024. Each of the five events will feature a total prize purse of R312,000. Within this allocation, R252,000 will be earmarked for the Open Category, with R126,000 dedicated to the Top 10 Open Men and R126,000 to the Top 10 Open Women. Additionally, R60,000 will be designated for Age Categories. The top male and female finishers in each city will be awarded R30,000 each, with R25,000 going to the second-place finishers and R20,000 to the third-place finishers. The Age Category Prize Purse will be distributed among the top three finishers in each of the Junior, 40 – 49, 50 – 59, 60 – 69, and 70+ Age Categories.

EXCITING NEWS: In 2024, each of the five Absa RUN YOUR CITY Series events will showcase unique, city-specific medals, adding a personalized touch to the participant experience reflective of the host city’s essence and character.

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