February 24, 2024

HEYDUDE ventures into SA market

CAPE TOWN – Ares Holdings, the rapidly expanding apparel and footwear distribution company continues its growth trajectory for 2023 by claiming the distribution of HEYDUDE for the Southern African market.

This is after HEYDUDE open its doors for the first time in Canal Walk, Cape Town on Thursday, making their first store in South Africa.

The introduction of HEYDUDE to the stable will focus primarily on direct to consumer channels with a fully integrated e-comm platform and two owned and operated retail stores, Canal Walk Cape Town and Ballito Junction, KZN, all before the close of 2023.

Born summer of 2008, HEYDUDE emerged as lightweight, comfortable, stylish, and yet affordable and well-made shoes designed to become the standard and not the exception. 

The brand, launched into the U.S. market in 2010 and subsequently enjoyed the fastest growth of any footwear brand to date, turning their site towards global expansion.

“We are thrilled to welcome HEYDUDE (operating under Hestia Brands) to the Ares family – it aligns with our commitment to offering the SA consumer a diverse range of high-quality global brands in easy-to-shop environments,” said Gareth Kemp, Founder and CEO of Ares Holdings.

“HEYDUDE emphasis on both extreme comfort and unique style resonates with the SA consumer, making it a perfect addition to our portfolio.

“As Ares Holdings, we are not just about products; we are intent on building a longer-term partnership between consumers and brand that drives a sustainable brand and business ecosystem. 

The launch of stand-alone HEYDUDE stores into Canal Walk and Ballito Junction as well as the e-comm platform is testament to our commitment to offering South Africans direct access to global trends, hot products and service excellence that truly enhances their lifestyle.”

The HEYDUDE stores have been launched in Canal Walk on Thursday and will do so in Ballito Junction by mid-December 2023, providing South African consumers with a first-hand experience of HEYDUDE iconic footwear.


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