March 5, 2024

Nkwe positive with the direction domestic cricket is taking

PIETERMARITZBURG OVAL – Cricket South Africa (CSA) Director of Cricket, Enoch Nkwe believes domestic cricket in South Africa is on the right track.

Nkwe was speaking at Pietermaritzburg Oval on Saturday in the official launch of the men’s 2023/24 domestic season for Division One and Two.

Oval is the home of the Tuskers who have been promoted to division one this season, while Knights were relegated.

Nkwe says the current system is good for cricket and provides stiff competition.

“Obviously, part of the main reason why we’re here is also to congratulate the AET Tuskers for being the first team to be promoted. I know there’s been a lot of talks and debates
around the promotion and relegation, which it has made a lot of people ta;k about, but it is an exciting space,” said Nkwe.

“It has provided our system with a lot more competition. And moving forward, I mean, I can just foresee that it’s gonna benefit our system in the long run, because that’s something probably we’ve been missing in the system, just that competitive edge.

“From the beginning of the season right through to the end we’ve seen many highlights, especially last season. So, yeah, I would like to also congratulate them, and also the celebration of the oval.”

This year marks 135 years of Oval existence, a true essence of hometown glory and pride.

Nkwe adds that a lot of work still needs to be done at the domestic level.

“I know that there is a lot of focus on division one and I’ve been asked a lot of questions, especially with the professionalisation of Women’s Cricket in division one in terms of what are the plans moving forward in our space, which I’ll talk to everyone who is here on a later stage,” he said.

“There’s been a lot of energy into division one, but the importance of division two, and we’ve seen it now with promotional navigation, and we’ve seen how also members are actually investing in their own ways to ensure that the pathway system is very, very strong.

“And with the return of the course program, in general, I think that also is gonna strengthen the pathway system moving forward, which is also exciting for us going forward.”

Image: CSA

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