February 24, 2024

Norma Plummer: It’s a yes or no I want from NSA regarding my future

CAPE TOWN – Spar Proteas head coach Norma Plummer has thrown the ball in the Netball South Africa (NSA) court about her future.

Plummer faced the media at the CTICC on Sunday after South Africa’s attempts to remain the top African nation in the 2023 Netball World Cup failed.

A 49-47 final score was the difference between Proteas and Uganda, as She Cranes secured a fifth spot in Cape Town with the hosts finishing sixth.

The 78-year-old returned to the Proteas camp for the second time late last year to take over the reins from Dorette Badenhorst.

It was not clear how long Plummer will be in the forefront, however, she has thrown back the ball in the NSA leadership regarding her future.

“I tried to speak to them yesterday about my future but they were not available,” said Plummer.

“Look I said because it’s coming to Australia I would coach the girls in the Australian league on their next tour which is October.

“After that, as I said it’s been known full on talk, so until Netball South Africa knows what they are doing I would like to assist helping one of the coaches to continue but until they make decisions I am not going to jump up and say I am here – I don’t know what their plans are.”

As the preparations for this prestigious event were underway earlier this year, NSA President Cecilia Molokwane did indicate that if Plummer wants to continue with the team that shall be granted.

There were mixed emotions and feelings when the talks about Badenhorst being replaced. Former Tuks Netball Head of Programme and Head Coach Jenny van Dyk’s name came up.

Last year Van Dyk took up a new challenge as head coach of the Botswana national team.

She is regarded as the most decorated coach in the country in terms of trophies won.

She is also known for her sterling work in coaching and developing players like Lenize Potgieter, Shadine van der Merwe, Tshina Mdau, Izette Griesel, Vanes-Mari Proudfoot, Melissa Myburgh and Lindie Lombard.

And led the Gauteng Jaguars team, to win four consecutive titles in 2017-2020 in the Telkom Netball League (TNL).

The Australian coach says NSA needs to decide as she is in the dark about the way forward.

“So, that is really a question for the president. I’m afraid I can’t answer it, I don’t have any information apart from October,” she said.

“There might be a change in the team manager, there might be a change of a CEO – there’s a lot of things happening there. I am not holding back, I just don’t have it.”

Plummer believes while there’s a lot happening inside the federation, all she is here for is coaching not politics.

She added: “Well, that is just what I hear – I can’t necessarily when I come in to coach – I come in to coach I don’t have to deal with politics and all of that.

“That takes away what the job is, the job is coaching the team. The organisation will have to run itself, all I need to know is whether it is a yes or no.”

Image: Netball World Cup/ Grant Pitcher 

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