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Experience the excitement of the Origin of Trails

By Jacky McClean

Stellenbosch MTB trails shine during Stage One of Origin Of Trails MTB Experience

Stage One of the 6th annual Origin Of Trails MTB Experience, South Africa’s MTB party of the year, treated mountain biking enthusiasts of all ages to spectacular routes and magnificent scenery in Stellenbosch today (Saturday, 24 November 2018).

Liyema Madolo (Stellenbosch) made his Origin Of Trails debut by taking on the +-10km Fun Ride.  “The steep hills in Coetzenburg were hard,” says Madolo.  “I enjoy mountain biking because sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s hard.  I wanted to try the Origin Of Trails and I am glad that I did.”  Madolo crossed the finish line in 23 minutes 54 seconds.  Ryan Koorzen came in second, while Amila Mntuyedwa finished third.

Karen Derman (Sea Point) also made her Origin Of Trails debut in the +-10km Fun Ride.  “I’m still a beginner and need to practice.  The route was awesome, with hectic downhills.  I’ll definitely be back next year, to do the longer route.”  Derman crossed the finish line in 23 minutes 44 seconds.  Milani Dingani came in second, while Riana Noort finished third.

The Origin Of Trails MTB Experience Short Route (+- 30km) was dominated by Luca Ruwiel (Bellville).  Ruwiel completed the stage in a deserving time of 01 hour 29 minutes 27 seconds.  Lachland Mundie came in second, while Juan Erasmus finished third.

Michele Jennings (Milnerton) was the first lady to cross the finish line in the short route (+- 30km).  “My husband literally told me to pack my bike because we are going to ride,” laughs Jennings.  “I expected the route to be much tougher, but instead it was really nice.  The vibe on route was a lot of fun.  I loved the dress up theme.”  Jennings completed the +-30km stage in 01 hour 57 minutes 05 seconds.  Lenetia Mundie came in second, while Jane van Wyngaarden finished third.

Polish riders, Marius Kozak, Piotr Brzozka and Wozciech Halejak made the best of the stunning Stellenbosch weather by obliterating Stage One of the Origin Of Trails MTB Experience Long Route (+-55km).  “Poland is cold,” says Kozak who crossed the finish line in 02 hours 46 minutes 54 seconds.  “The Stage One course was really nice.  We had a good stage.  Our goal for Stage Two will once again be to race.”

Danielle Strydom crossed the finish line first in the Origin Of Trails MTB Experience Long Route (+-55km) in a time of 03 hours 18 minutes 31 second.   Mari Rabie come in second, while Tarryn Povey finished third.

Dakar Rally star and Stellenbosch resident Giniel de Villiers rates the Origin Of Trails MTB Experience as an event that should not be missed.  “Stellenbosch is the home of mountain biking.  I take part in the Origin Of Trails MTB Experience every year because it’s practically on my doorstep and it helps with my fitness for the Dakar Rally.  People don’t realize it, but it’s physical in the car.  You need to concentrate when tired and choose the correct line.  The same goes for mountain biking.  The Origin Of Trails is a tough little race.  In the long route there’s a lot of climbing and single track.  It’s a great race.”

An individual 2-day MTB Experience, the Origin Of Trails routes highlight the beauty and splendor of the City Of Oaks.  Mountain bikers are granted the “once a year opportunity” to experience a vast network of world class trails.  Stage One included a +-55km Long Route, +- 30km short route and +-10km Fun Ride.

EVENT INFORMATION:  Origin Of Trails MTB Experience & Origin Of Trails Trail Run

     NEXT UP:  Stage Two / Sunday, 25 November 2018

Venue: Coetzenburg Sports Fields (Stellenbosch)
Event: Origin Of Trails Trail Run
Start Time: 06:45
Event: Stage Two / Origin Of Trails MTB Experience
Start Time: 07:00 – Long Route / +- 55km
  07:40 – Short Route / +- 30km


CHARITY SUPPORTThe Origin Of Trails proudly supports the Aitsa After Care Centre and the Stellenbosch Trail Building Fund.  The Fund is committed to continuously developing the trails in Stellenbosch, further sealing the town’s reputation as a global mountain biking destination.

     FALKE Foot ZoneAll entrants (runners and mountain bikers) are invited to visit the Falke Foot Zone once they’ve crossed the finish line for a free Falke leg and foot massage.

RUNNER’S RESTBe sure to visit the Runner’s Rest Stand in the festival village for a Free Foot Analysis!  Runners Rest is a Specialist Running store that focuses on catering for the individual needs of runners.  Services include performing a well-developed analysis routine through which numerous factors are considered including running form, balance characteristics, history of injuries, training terrain and personal distance goals.  Runner’s Rest strives to match the correct product to each client’s specific needs.

LIVE MUSICBrotherBrother treated participants and spectators to a toe tapping performance after Stage One.  On Sunday the action of the 6th annual Origin Of Trails MTB Experience will be closed off with a lively performance by Stone Jets.

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Stage One:  Origin Of Trails MTB Experience

Date:  Saturday, 24 November 2018

Long Route / +- 55km


1 Marius Kozak 02:46:54, 2 Piotr Brzozka 02:46:55, 3 Wozciech Halejak 02:46:56, 4 Luyanda Thobingunya 02:52:04, 5 Lawrence von Gunten 02:52:04


1 Danielle Strydom 03:18:31, 2 Mari Rabie 03:26:38, 3 Tarryn Povey 03:27:15, 4 Sarita Louw 03:35:48, 5 Rose Bailey 03:38:32

Short Route / +- 30km


1 Luca Ruwiel 01:29:27, 2 Lachland Mundie 01:31:19, 3 Juan Erasmus 01:35:18, 4 Christiaan Smit 01:35:26, 5 De Wet de Villiers 01:39:23


1 Michele Jennings 01:57:05, 2 Lenetia Mundie 01:58:46, 3 Jane van Wyngaarden 01:59:10, 4 Nina du Plessis 01:59:28, 5 Adalein Maritz 02:00:26

Fun Ride / +- 10km


1 Liyema Madolo 00:23:54, 2 Ryan Koorzen 00:23:55, 3 Amila Mntuyedwa 00:24:03, 4 Inathi Stoyile 00:27:38, 5 Kyle Louw 00:27:48


1. Karen Derman 00:23:44, 2 Milani Dingani 00:27:59, 3 Riana Noort 00:35:51, 4 Marietjie Steyn 00:36:08, 5 Britni Poole 00:36:12

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