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Ground-breaking monitoring app can assist fight against deadly Covid-19



A ground-breaking app has been launched that will assist individuals with applying active measures and monitoring of their vital signs in the fight against the deadly Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Users will be able to have free access to the health and wellness app during the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • Use free ASSIC app tool platforms to upload and keep track of vital health indicators
  • Self-monitoring capability from home reduce risk of travel and possible exposure to infection

By using the free ASSIC app platform and website, an individual would be able to identify signs and symptoms related to the coronavirus, amongst other things. It will give free access to Covid-19 risk tools to hep the users to understand the dangerous risk associated for the Coronavirus.

The app was developed by Dr Yusuf Hassan, a renowned physician and former Springbok Team Doctor and it is hosted by Lava Lamp Lab.

BLOEMFONTEIN, SOUTH AFRICA – 17 May 2006, Dr Yusuf Hassan at the Springbok Photocall in Bloemfontein, South Africa.
Photo by Gallo Images

The app will assist efforts to empowering patients and professionals with health ownership through a holistic in-app management strategy plan.

The app is integrated with Apple Health and Google Fit.

ASSIC is a pioneering technology-based Sports Science Company designing tools to assist in personal fitness and wellness management for individuals and professional athletes.

So precisely how will this app platform work?

Individuals can use the unique ASSIC Performance Fingerprint to upload and monitor their health parameters without leaving the comforts of their home.

With South Africa currently in a state of self-isolation because of the Coronavirus pandemic Lockdown, the newly launched app can become an important tool to monitor your health signs during this time of health crisis.

During the period of self-isolation, an individual can now with the assistance of the unique app technology and platform, assist to identify individuals who would need professional medical care without that person having to leave the comfort of his home to travel somewhere else to have the tests done.

Thanks to the app tools platform, persons can now use the in-app data management system to:

  • Provide data management for monitoring vital health parameters,
  • Provide analytic system to assess changing health parameters;
  • Provide in app prevention measures associated directly and indirectly to the infection and constantly monitor adverse complications;
  • Limit high-risk contamination by suing in-app monitoring, thus reducing virus load on healthcare professionals and not contributing to the reinfection rates.

“This app was designed to empower the individual by self-monitoring. By using the ASSIC app individuals will be able to do self-monitoring on a daily basis by using the set of tools on the app platform.

“You would still have to follow the regular health protocols and inform your doctor or health professional about your current state of health. What this app does, however, is to assist you to self-monitor some of your vitals so that you can make a much better decision as to when to consult your medical professional.

“You can do this by following a few simple steps – once you’ve signed up it will give you access to those guiding steps and you can start to apply self-monitoring immediately,” explained Doctor Hassan.

“We believe this app is unique in that it will give you accurate data and insights and help you to make better decisions from a health monitoring perspective.

“You can do those easy to follow steps from within the comfort of you home, thereby reducing the risk of any possible contamination or perhaps having to undertake any related travelling, for instance,” said Dr Hassan.

How to use the app’s tools platforms:

  • Go to: www.assichealth.com  or www.assicfitness.com
  • Click on the COVID-19 online doctor consultation banner
  • Follow the short registration process,
  • Answer the risk assessment questions about your symptoms

Important note:

ASSIC does not dispense medical and or exercise advice. Please consult your professional regarding exercise, treatment and rehabilitation exercise regimes and medical advice.

The contents of the following web page are principle guidelines and must be utilized under the supervision of a relevant medical and/or exercise professional.

About the ASSIC Company

The ASSIC social and online media platforms hosts physiologic/health related education material. The ASSIC website is a great information resource providing educational basics on the following health matters:

  • What is normal temperature;
  • What is normal respiratory rate and how to measure it;
  • Resting Heart Rate and how to measure it using the ASSIC built-in HR monitoring system;
  • Recovery HR and how to use – having basic recovery HR is important for athletes to know before and post infection as this parameter allow assessment to return safely to sport without adverse risk.

For more information please contact ASSIC at yusufhassan@assicfitness.com.

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – JULY 17: Akona Ndungane of South Africa has his shoulder seen to by Dr Yusuf Hassan during Springboks Training at Porirua Park July 17, 2006 in Wellington, New Zealand. South Africa play New Zealand in the Tri-Nations rugby test on July 22. (Photo by Touchline/Getty Images)

Here is a link to a PowerPoint presentation on the app. Download link the link here:







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