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IAAF unveils new name and Logo


The IAAF Council approved the global governing body’s new name and logo at the 217th IAAF Council Meeting which concluded on Monday  in Monaco.

The new name, ‘World Athletics’, builds upon the organisation’s restructuring and governancereform agenda of the past four years to represent a modern, more creative and positive face for the sport. The new brand, Council agreed, makes the sport more accessible to a wider audience while giving the global governing body the opportunity to more clearly communicate its mission as the leader of the world’s most participatory sport.

Sebastian Coe

“The hope is that our new brand will help attract and engage a new generation of young people to athletics,” said IAAF President Sebastian Coe.

“We have now created a brand that can come to life in the digital world while reflecting the changing nature of the sport. And at the same time bring into focus the athletes, the heroes of our sport.”

“The IAAF name has been in existence for over 100 years, but it has little understanding or relevance to those outside of athletics,” said IAAF CEO Jon Ridgeon.

“The new identity creates a symbol that can stand alone and work with partners and events.”

The new brand identity will begin its rollout in October after the IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019 and following Congress’s approval of the change to the Federation’s legal name.

The logo design is comprised of three main elements: the ‘W’ of World, which is also a symbol of an athlete’s arms raised in victory; the ‘A’ of Athletics, which also represents an athlete’s focus as they prepare for the road ahead; and an arc over both to represent the entire athletics community coming together.

The logo also includes the sweep of a running track which appears in an upward trajectory, symbolising the desire to continually push beyond limits. The patterns capture the energy present in all four of athletics’ group disciplines: running, jumping, throwing and walking.

The rebrand process began in January 2018 when the IAAF invited five global brand and marketing agencies to respond to the brief outlining the rebrand concept. From those, an internal team selected a short list, which then underwent a consultation process where Member Federations, partners, athletes and broadcasters provided feedback before the final version was presented to Council.

We all Rise

Our story is not about winning and losing. Our story is a pathway up, without a peak.

We want everybody to know that, through athletics, they can rise. That everybody can look up for inspiration, and around them for opportunity and support.

Our goal is to get more people running, jumping, throwing and walking.

We make it easy for anyone, anywhere to get started. Then we connect the steps between kids and schools, grassroots clubs, local events, and the world stage.


Because we believe athletics is the most accessible way for young people to rise, and

when people can rise, the health and ambitions of their community and country can too.

It’s our job to make sure everyone who does athletics can improve and progress, by establishing and maintaining our standards globally; ensuring everyone has the facilities and understanding of how to take the next step.

Not to just win medals, but for the more coveted prize – to better inspire the next generation.

If people are inspired to do, then we have succeeded. If people are just impressed, we need to try again.

This means we strive to be fair to all. It’s our place to lead some of the world’s biggest conversations about humanity. Our platform is not just one for celebration, but for discussion about better mental and physical health, equality, clean sport, integrated technologies, and what it means to achieve with integrity. We’ll face difficult times, but we know the weight of what we do.

It is not us and them, but an inclusive forum for all – because we believe athletics is a sport for all.

We pursue this mission in the fairest way possible. No one has explored this space before, and no one else can. So it is our duty to approach it with compassion, openness, diversity of opinion, never behind closed doors, and to never say the conversation is over.

We believe athletics can represent the best of all of us – the world coming together to celebrate human effort and endeavour. We believe that only World Athletics can live up to representing this sport. We strive to continually change, innovate, clarify, and be a benchmark in the way we behave.

If we set the bar high, we all rise.

We are World Athletics

We are accessible to everyone, anywhere.

We are clear about what we do and how we do it

All working together for the betterment of athletics

An open and more transparent future

An authority on the world stage.




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